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Building a User Created Challenge
Building a User Created Challenge
Create challenges to collect ideas from fellow users
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To use this feature, you must be granted the "Create Challenges" permission by a community admin.

User created challenges are a great way to quickly set up a simple challenge and collect ideas from other community users without needing to be an administrator.

If your community has granted you the "Create Challenges" permission, you'll see a button in the top-right of the screen for creating a challenge. Click the button to get started.

Creating a Challenge

Challenge Details

The first step is entering the details of your challenge - name, subtitle, description and image.

Except for the title, all fields on this page are optional. We recommend including a short description and an image.

Other files and media can be used to supply additional information about your challenge, through documents, diagrams and video files.

You can publish the idea, or save it as a draft to finish it later. In either case, you can edit these settings at any time.

Challenge Access

Before doing so, you can fine-tune some of the challenge settings by clicking the "Challenge Access" tab.

Challenge access allows you to configure who can access the challenge. By default, the "Everyone" group has access. As the challenge owner, you are always present on this list as a moderator, however you can add extra moderators.

You can also enable and disable other features, such as idea posting, commenting and voting, as well as idea visibility. These can all be changed at any time.

When you're ready, and have chosen the appropriate publish setting, click "Save". If you chose to publish your challenge, it will now be visible to all users specified under "challenge access" on the challenge listing page.

Making Changes

You can edit your challenge by finding it on the challenge listing page and choosing Edit. Other users will not see this button.

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