When you have posted an idea, you can edit it to change the text in the idea, the images you've uploaded, and the idea's tags.

Editing your idea

1. Go to the idea that you want to edit and click the drop down arrow that appears next to the idea author name. This will open the Idea submission form.

2. When the idea submission form opens, you will see any text or images that you entered when you first posted your idea. To edit your idea title, description or tags, tap in the relevant box to begin editing.

3. Any files that you have added in to your idea will show at the bottom of the Idea submission form. If you would like to remove an attachment, click the red 'x' next to the corresponding file.

4. When you have finished editing the idea click Publish. The Idea submission form will close and you will see a message to confirm that your changes have been saved.

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