By default, all Crowdicity users will gain points for their activity in a community, even administrators.

If you do not want administrators to earn points for their activity in the community, there is a feature called "Stealth mode" they can turn on in their profile settings.

Stealth mode is an option that is only available to administrators and must be enabled by the administrator in question, you cannot turn stealth mode on for other people.

When an administrator has turned stealth mode on, they will not score points for their activities and they will not be shown in any of the leaderboards for the community.

To enable 'Stealth Mode':

1. Click on your user picture (or the blank user icon) that is at the right of the navigation menu.

2. This will open a box that gives you the options related to your profile e.g. Private messages, viewing your profile, etc.

3. Click Go to profile to open your profile page.

4. Click on Communities to open the communities tab. The Communities tab shows all of the communities of which you are a member. If you're only a member of one community, there will only be one community on this list.

5. If you are a member of more than one community, look through the list of communities to find the current community; it will say 'THIS COMMUNITY' under the community logo.

6. Under the Launch link you will see the Stealth mode option. To turn on stealth mode and remove yourself from the community leader boards, click the word 'off'.

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