Challenges are fundamental to Crowdicity. A challenge can be a question that you would like your users to answer, a topic that you would like their opinions on, or pretty much anything that you'd like! Challenges are where ideas are posted in a Crowdicity community; all ideas are posted in response to a challenge.

In this article:

  • Creating a new challenge

  • The challenge set-up area

Creating a new challenge

1. Go to Challenge Management in the Administrator menu.

2. Click CREATE A NEW CHALLENGE and enter a name for your challenge in the pop up window that appears.

3. If you would like to create a new challenge, click Create challenge or if you would like to copy the settings from another challenge, click 'Clone an existing challenge' (you can learn about copying challenges in our Cloning challenges help guide).

When you click Create challenge your challenge will be created and you will be taken to the challenge set-up page.


When you create a new challenge it will automatically be Published and will be visible to your community until you either change the access settings or Unpublish the challenge.

The challenge set-up area

The challenge set-up page allows you to edit your challenge so that you can tailor it to your community and your goals. When you open the challenge set-up page the first tab you will see is the Details tab, you go through the tabs to configure your challenge.

The table below lists each of these tabs with a brief outline of the purpose of each tab:




In this tab you can enter the name and a short description for your challenge. You can also add themes (sub-categories) to the challenge and can change the options available for sorting ideas.


The categories tab allows you add the challenge to categories, which make it easy for your users to quickly find challenges that they are interested in.

Full brief

The full brief tab allows you to add a detailed description of your challenge. Here you could include additional instructions or background information, to help users to participate in the challenge.

Media and Files

This tab is where you can upload images or files for the challenge.

Challenge Access/Funnel

In this tab you can edit who is able to see and moderate the challenge, change idea posting, commenting and voting options and also add a challenge funnel.


The options in this tab allow you to change the type of voting for the challenge, as well as other voting options like having a vote wallet, or blind voting. For more information have a look at our guide about voting options.

Milestone Challenge

This tab allows you to add and edit milestones in your challenge.

Customise Form

The customise form tab allows make themes a required field in the submission form as well as customising the questions on the idea submission form in a challenge.

The Challenges section of our help guides has more information on setting up the different options for your challenges.

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