The Clone challenge feature allows you to copy the details of an existing challenge to a new challenge. It is especially helpful for challenges that require more setting up, such as milestone and funnel challenges, as the new challenge will have all of the same phases or milestones as the existing one.

In this article:

  • Creating a cloned challenge

  • Cloning Milestone challenges

  • Cloning Funnel challenges

Creating a Cloned challenge

1. Click on Challenge Management in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Click the 'Create a new challenge' button.

3. A pop-up window will appear asking you to give your challenge a name. Enter a name for your new challenge.

4. Click 'clone an existing challenge' The window will then ask you to 'Chose a parent challenge to clone the structure from' (this is the existing challenge that you want to copy).

5. Click on the drop-down arrow to view a list of all of the challenges (Published and Unpublished) that have been created in your community.

6. Select the challenge that you would like to copy and click 'Create challenge'

The software will then copy the following from the 'parent' challenge:

  • The title, subtitle and short description of the challenge

  • The full brief

  • Any images or files attached to the challenge

  • The categories associated with your challenge

  • Any funnel phases or milestones targets, including their names, descriptions and (in the case of funnels) duration

The clone challenge feature will not copy

  • Access settings: who can see and moderate the challenge

  • Ideas that have been posted into the existing challenge


The new challenge will be Unpublished: it will not be visible to users and you will not see it in the list of published challenges.

When the challenge has been created you can edit it by clicking on the 'Unpublished' tab in Challenge management, then clicking 'Edit' on the challenge. Once you have made any changes that you would like, click save.

To make the challenge visible, you must publish it. You can find more information on publishing, archiving and unpublishing challenges in this help guide.

Cloning a Milestone challenge

Cloning a Milestone challenge allows you to copy the set up of an existing milestone challenge into a new challenge.

A copy of each milestone will be cloned, this includes:

  • Milestone type

  • Milestone name

  • Tooltip text

  • Message for users

  • Congratulations email to idea author

If your parent challenge has any refinement milestones, the refinement questions you created will be copied to the new challenge but they will not be used unless you edit the challenge to say that they are required. To edit the refinement milestone so that the questions are used in that milestone:

  1. When editing the challenge, click on the Milestone Challenge tab.

  2. Select the refinement milestone that you would like to edit.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the additional questions and tick the 'Use' box for the additional questions that you'd like in that stage.

Cloning a Funnel challenge

Cloning a Funnel Challenge allows you to copy the way that phases have been set up in an existing funnel challenge: the name, duration, voting and idea advancement options are all the same. As with other types of challenges, the access settings are not copied to the phases in the new challenge.

When you create a funnel challenge using the clone challenge feature, the first phase will start 1 hour from when you create the challenge. When the first phase begins the challenge will be visible to your users.

If you would like to edit this or any other aspects of the challenge you can find the challenge in the list of Unpublished challenges. You can find more information about editing funnel challenges in this help guide.

Good to know

We recommend that you go through each phase in the challenge to be sure that for each phase you are happy with the options that have been selected.
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