Moderators of a challenge are able to Edit ideas that have been posted in that challenge. When editing an idea, Moderators can change the Title and description of an idea, the attached files, the idea tags and users that have been tagged in the idea.

As a general rule, we advise that moderators only edit other users' ideas when they have to (eg if it contains inappropriate or offensive comment), or if the user asks you to (eg if they are having problems attaching an image and want you to try).

Editing an idea

1. Go to the idea page of the idea that you'd like to edit.

2. You will see the Moderator tools toolbar above the idea title, click Edit to open the Idea Submission form.

3. Make your changes to the submission form fields (eg title, description, idea tags, etc) and click Publish.

Once you have edited an idea a date stamped note will appear below the idea description text to indicate that it has been changed by a moderator.

Good to know

When users post an idea, they will see a toolbar similar to Moderator Tools. The key difference is that it only has one option: Edit. If a user clicks on this, they will be able to edit the fields on the submission form for their own idea.

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