If you have added Approval milestones to your challenge, any ideas waiting to reach this milestone will need to be approved by a moderator for them to progress any further. This guide will show you how to moderate ideas, however, if you'd like to know how to set up a milestone challenge, take a look at our Creating a milestone challenge guide.

Moderating ideas in a milestone challenge

During a Milestone challenge, ideas that are approaching an Approval milestone require moderator approval to allow them to advance. When an idea needs approval, a challenge moderator will receive an email to let them know. Once the idea has been reviewed, you can decide what action to take.

1. To choose what you'd like to do with the idea, click Milestone actions on the Moderator toolbar.

2. This will open up the Milestone actions window from which you can select one of the following options:

3. Once you have selected an option click save.

Good to know

If you'd like to add a message to the idea along with the action you have chosen, you can add this to the text field at the bottom of the window. Any text entered here will be added to the end of the ideas comment section
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