If you have a closed (private) community, but would like to allow anyone from your company to create an email address, you can whitelist a domain to access your community. When you whitelist a domain, then anyone with an email address t that address can register for your community. For example, if you had a private community but wanted to allow anyone from the Roxxon corporation to register an account, you could whitelist 'Roxxon.com'

To whitelist an email domain for new users:

1. In the Crowd Management menu click on Community settings and go to the Access & privacy tab

2. Under the Only allow specific domains click the Add a domain option.

3. Enter the domain you want to allow, without the '@' sign eg. 'crowdicity.com'

4. If your company has email addresses that use more than one domain (eg crowdicity.com and crowdicity.co.uk), make sure that you enter all of the domains that you would like to be allowed, then click Save changes to finish.

Users who register an account with an email address that you have whitelisted will be sent an email to verify their address when they register.

If someone tries to register for your community with a different email address, they will be able to create a Crowdicity account but they wont be granted access to your community. Administrators will receive notification that someone wishes to join the community and then be able to either confirm or decline the user access.

Good to know

If you change the allowed domains it wont remove any users who have previously signed up, it only affects registrations from that point onwards.


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