We know that ideas are better shared, so it's possible for you to invite other people into communities of which you're a member.

Community Administrators can allow their users to send email invitations to others to invite them to join the community.

If an administrator has enabled this feature in Crowdicity, you will usually have a fixed number of invitations that you can send each week or month.

Inviting other users to a community

1. At the top right of the screen you will see your profile icon. This will be either the picture that you have uploaded or a blank person icon (to learn how to edit your profile see our Editing your profile help guide). Clicking on your profile icon will show the profile summary window.

2. You will see the Invite Users link, along with a number in brackets, the number is the amount of invitations that you can send this week/month. Click on Invite users to open the Invite window.

3. Enter the email address of the person that you want to invite to the community and click send.

4. If you see a text box and a drop-down box with an email domain in (eg crowdicity.com, google.com, etc) then you are only able to invite users who have an email ending in that domain. The allowed domains are set by the community administrator, who can chose to allow email address from one or more emails.

When you have sent an invitation, it will be in the Your pending invites lists and an email will be sent inviting that person to join your community.

If an invitation is still showing as 'Pending' you may cancel the invitation, when the person that you invited tries to log into the community they will be shown a message that says they do not have permission to access the community.

If you do cancel an invitation, the number of invites that you have remaining will not increase (you can't gain them back).

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