The name of your Crowdicity community is important, it is the identity of your community and lets users know what your community is all about.

Your community name is displayed in a number of different places including:

  • Emails notifications

  • Email invitations to the community

  • The community banner (if you have this option selected)

  • The log in page

You can change your community name whenever you like, changing the name does not affect your community's URL (web address). Although the process of changing your community name is very simple, we recommend that you don't do it too often so that your users don't get confused!

To change the name of your community:

1. In the Crowd Management menu click the ‘ Community Settings’ tab.

2. The ‘Community’ tab will open by default. From here you can configure your community settings.

3. Enter the new name of your community in the field labelled ‘ Community name

4. Click the ‘Save changes’ button to make the name change live.

Good to know

If you have set your community name to show in your banner the colour it is displayed in will depend on the colour of your banner. For a more comprehensive look at using the Design features, take a look at our Design help guides.

Link to Design help guides.

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