All Crowdicity users must agree to our terms and conditions and Privacy Policy (you can find a link to both of these at the bottom of any page in your Crowdicity community), but you may have your own policies or terms to which you want users to agree.

You can add a supplemental Privacy Policy and additional Terms and Conditions to your community. Users will be prompted to agree to these documents when they register for your community.

If you add or change either of these after some users have already registered for your community, you can also choose to prompt existing users to agree to the new conditions the next time that they sign in.

You can find the option to add either of these agreements in Community settings:

1. Click on Community settings in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Go to the Legal tab.

3. Tick the check box of the type of agreement that you would like to add. This will open a text editor where you can add your own terms/policy.

4. If you would like existing users to agree to the new terms or policy that you add, tick the box at the bottom of the text editor that says "Users must renew agreement to Terms and Conditions".

5. Click save before you leave the 'Legal' tab to ensure that your changes take effect.

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