In Crowdicity, you can use the Private messaging system to have a conversation with other users about your ideas.

Up to 10 users can be in a conversation in private messaging, and messages are sent instantly, so it's easy to have group discussions.


Private messaging is a feature that a community administrator can enable or disable, you may not have Private messaging in your community if your community administrator has disabled it.

In this article:

  • Viewing your private messages

  • Starting a new conversation

  • Responding to a message

Viewing your private messages

To go to your private messages:

1. Click on your user icon in the right hand corner of the navigation menu.

2. Click My Messages to open the messages tab in your Profile.

3. On the left hand side of the messages area you will see any conversations that you are having with other users. Click on a conversation to open it and view the messages in it.

Good to know

If you have new messages, there will be a red badge on your user icon to let you know how many you have.

Starting a new conversation

To start a new conversation:

1. Click the New Message button.

2. Start typing in the To box to show matching users in your community.

3. Click on a username to send a message to that person. You can send a message to up to 9 other users.

4. If you make a mistake and would like to remove a user from the list, click the X next to their name.

5. Type your message in the box below the list of users and click Send.

Responding to messages

To respond to a message in a conversation:

1. Go to the Messages area and click on the conversation to show the messages in it.

2. Type your reply in the box that says Enter your Reply, below the other messages.

3. Click Send when you have finished. You will be able to see your response below the other messages.

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