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Editing the challenge directory page
Editing the challenge directory page
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The challenge directory is the page in your community that shows all of the challenges that are open to users.

You can find more information about the challenge directory in our user's guide to Finding challenges in a community.

There are some elements of the Challenge directory page that you can customise, including:

  • The Title of the page

  • The title of the link for the page that will be in the navigation menu

  • The description at the top of the page

All of the options to change the challenge directory page can be found by going to the Pages CMS area (from the Crowd management menu) and clicking on the title of your challenge directory page; by thedefault the challenge directory page is simply called 'Challenges'.

On this page you will find the following options:




This is the title that will appear at the top of the challenge directory page.

Navigation bar title

This is the title in the navigation bar that users click on to go to the challenge directory page.


With this option, you can choose whether you would like the community banner to be visible both on the challenge directory page and on each individual challenge page.

Top level display

If you select this option, if you only have one challenge in the community any links that would normally go to the challenge directory page will go straight to the page of that challenge


Any text that you enter here will be visible at the top of the challenge directory page, above the list of challenges

Meta description

This area allows you to add a meta description to the challenge directory page. If your community is private, then there's no need to add anything is this area. To learn more, please see our guide to understanding meta descriptions.

If you make any changes to these options, don't forget to click Save changes so that your choices are saved.

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