Crowdicity communities have a number of 'built in' pages, like the challenge directory and the People page, you can also add your own pages if you'd like to add content to the community. Our guide to Editing the navigation menu explains how to create a new custom page, and this guide explains how you can edit your new page.

Whenever you'd like to edit a custom page that you've already created, go to Pages CMS in the admin menu, and click on the name of the page that you'd like to edit.

In this article:

  • Adding a banner

  • Editing the page details

  • Editing the page content

Adding a banner

If you would like your custom page to have a different banner image to the one that's used for the rest of the community, you can add an image that will only be used for this specific page.

To add a banner image for the page, select the Use a different banner tick box to bring up the image upload area. Either drag and drop your image into this area, or click Attach image to open a window to browse files on your computer.

When the image has successfully uploaded, you will see it in the image uploader, box. If you want to remove the image and start again, click the bin icon.

Your image should be 1024px wide and we recommend that it's also around 130px high; an image that isn't 1024 pixels wide will need to be stretched or squashed to fit, but the height is up to you.


If you have set your community name to appear in your community banner, you will also see it in your custom banner. The guide to changing the community banner explains how to turn this on and off.

Editing the page details

When editing a custom page, you can change the title of the page and the navigation bar title as well as adding a meta description for your page.

The Navigation bar title is what will be in the navigation bar, the thing that users will click on to get to this page. It's a good idea to keep this short and to the point. eg 'Community guidelines', 'About', 'FAQ', etc.

The Title is shown on the page, it's at the top and in a different font to make it stand out. The title should be something the name of your page, or something that describes the content eg 'Guidelines for participating in this community'.'All about us', 'Your Frequently Asked Questions', etc.

The Meta description primarily relates to search engines, and is useful if your community is open to the public and you'd like people to be able to find it using a search engine, like Google.

If you do want to make it more likely that your page is found by search engines, you can include a short description of what the page is about, including some keywords that will help people to understand what the page and your community is about. eg 'This is the FAQ page of the Innovation forum, a community for everyone to collaborate on their great engineering ideas'.

If your community is private, you can leave the Meta description field blank.

Editing page content

Use the final text box to add your page content such as text or images. You can edit the text by using the text editor and formatting buttons, or by editing the html for the page.

The formatting buttons at the bottom of the text editor box allow you to:

  • Bold and italic text

  • Add a number or bullet lists

  • Add a hyperlink to text

  • Add an image

If you click on the 'HTML' button, it will open a window showing the html for the page content. You can directly edit this content using html style tags.

Please note that you cannot add javascript to pages in Crowdicity. You can add iframes to a Crowdicity page to create, but the sites from which we allow iframes are limited to protect the security and privacy of our users.

You can find a full list of the allowed websites in our help guide on sites that are allowed for iframes.

Good to know

Using the HTML editor you can add a video to a page by uploading the video to a hosting service, such as Youtube or Vimeo. These services give you an embed code for the video that you can then copy and paste into the html editor.
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