In the Analytics area of the administrator menu, you can find information on the number of times users have logged into your community.

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Viewing the number of user logins for your community

The User logins area of statistics shows you the number of users that have logged into your community over time. The chart shows the number of unique users that have logged in each day (eg if the same user logs in twice in one day, it will only count them once for that day).

To view the user logins information:

1. Click on Analytics in the Administrator menu to open the Community Analytics area.

2. Click on the Statistics tab to switch to this area of the Community Analytics section. In this tab, you will see the headings of the different pages that you can view in the statistics area.

3. Click on the User Logins heading to open that section of the statistics. The chart on the user logins page shows the number of times that users logged into your community over time.

If you hover your mouse over any of the data points, you'll see date that the point represents, and the number of users that logged in on that day.

The buttons at the top left of the chart allow you to choose the time from which you'd like to view the User logins: 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, the beginning of the year to date (YTD), or 1 year.

To view User logins within a specific date range, click on the From and To dates at the top right of the graph to open a calendar that will allow you to select a date.

Exporting user login data

If you would like to view any of the information on this page when you are offline, you can export the user login chart or a table of the data it contains.

If you would like an image of the graph, you can download it in the following file formats: .png, .jpg, .pdf document or SVG (a vector image format, for editing in programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite).

You can also download a table of the data used to create the chart. The downloaded file will show you a list of dates matching those shown on the graph you are viewing, along with the amount of user logins that occurred on each date.

To export the user login information:

1. Before you being, make sure that you have selected the date range for which you'd like the data.

2. Click the Export icon at the top right of the graph, this will open a menu with the file formats that you can choose from when exporting the graph.

3. Choose the format that you need and click on that option to download the file.

With the export button, you can also choose to print the graph without downloading an image or document file. When you click Print chart a print window will open in your browser, allowing you to select your print options.

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