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Customising automated system emails
Customising automated system emails
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Automated emails are those that are automatically sent to a user when they trigger a certain event eg the first time that they post an idea.

It's a good idea to set up some automated emails for your community because it's a really easy way to keep users engaged and to keep them coming back to your community.

There are three emails that you can set up to be automatically sent by the system:

  • An email when users post their first idea

  • An email when users vote for the first time

  • An email when users have registered an account in your community

To set up any of these emails:

1. Go to Email in the Crowd Management menu and click on the System emails tab.

2. In the tab, you will see a section that allows you to make changes to the three emails. Select 'Enabled' to turn on the emails that you want to be sent.

3. Add the subject line and text for the emails that you would like the system to send and click Save changes when you've finished.

If you like, you can include the [[USER_NAME]] tag in any of the emails. Wherever this tag is, when the email is sent it will be replaced by the username of the user that the email has been sent to.

If you want to add the user name tag, simply move your cursor to where you want to add the tag and click the [[USER_NAME]] button that's underneath the text box that you are editing.

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