If you need to remove a user from your community, for example if they no longer work for your organisation or if they are posting inappropriate comments, you can do this in the User Management area.

Public community
If you have an Public community, then you will see an option to Ban the user.
If you choose to ban a user from your community they will still have a Crowdicity account (which can be used to sign into other Crowdicity communities they belong to). They will not be able to be able to log into your community to post, vote or comment, but will be able to view content (challenges, blogs, ideas and pages) when logged out. If a banned user wishes to join the community again they will need to be re-invited by an admin.

Private communtiy
If you have a Priave community, then you will see the options to Remove the user from your community.
Removed users are not able to log in to your community and will need to request access or be invited by an should they wish to participate in the community again.

Good to know

If a user wishes their account to be permanently deleted, the account holder must make this request by emailing support@crowdicity.com. Admins cannot request this on a users behalf.

To remove or ban a user:

1. Go to the User Management area in the Crowd Management menu and make sure that the Manage Users tab is open.

2. Find the user that you want to remove, click on the 'Edit' drop-down field and select ' Permissions' to open the Edit user permissions box.

3. The first drop-down field has user access options, select Remove or Banned to to remove the user from your community that you want and click Save changes.

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