User groups allow you to segment your users in whatever way is useful to you. If you'd like to learn more about custom user groups, including how to set one up, have a look at our guide to working with user groups.

In Crowdicity, you can add users to a group one at a time, in small batches or you can add them in 'bulk'. To learn how to add one or a small number of users, have a look at the user groups help guide.

This article explains how to add or remove a large number of users to/from a group using their email addresses.

Using bulk group change

If you'd like to use the bulk user group feature, you will need to have the email addresses of the users that you would like to add to, or remove from, a group.

To change user group membership in bulk:

1. Click on User Management to open the Manage users area.

2. Click on the spanner icon to show the advanced user management options and select Bulk group change, this will open a pop-up window

3. In the window, add the email addresses of the users that you want to add to or remove from a group. You can enter more than one email by separating them with a comma, or by putting each email address on a new line

4. When you have added all of the emails that you need, use the radial button to choose whether you would like to add users to a group, or to remove users from a group.

5. Use the dropdown box to choose the group that you want to add/remove users to/from and click Update users to finish.


If you have set up dynamic groups, you will not be able to change the membership of those groups using bulk group change. Membership to a dynamic group is determined by the answer to a profile question and cannot be manually changed by an administrator.

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