Beautiful custom pages at the click of a button

Create and maintain pages easier and faster

Today we have launched a completely new way to build custom pages in your Crowdicity community.

Our new page design feature allows administrators to produce high quality custom pages to engage their community quickly and simply.

This real-time WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) display allows admins to build and review pages before publishing to their community.

Drag and drop content or ‘Elements’ on and around the page.

Elements include:

  • Text and or HTML

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Lines

  • Challenge carousel

  • Activity panel

  • Leaderboard

  • Ideas panel

  • Blog carousel

Not only that, admins can now:

  • Unpublish pages and save them as drafts to work on at another time

  • Preview pages on both desktop and mobile devices

How to get started

Explore your new homepage
To demonstrate the new page design features, we’ve created a replica of your existing Crowdicity homepage. Your new homepage will appear with the same name and the suffix ‘-new’.

E.g. If your homepage is currently “Welcome to IdeaBank” you will find a replica named “Welcome to IdeaBank -new”.

How do I find my new homepage?
Click on the Pages CMS button on the Crowd Management menu and it will appear in grey on your navigation bar.

Can community members see the new homepage?
No. The page is unpublished by default (appearing in grey), you can decide to publish straight away or edit the page before sharing it with your community. Now you can preview on both desktop and mobile before publishing as described here.

What changes can I make?
We’ve created help guides to show you how to create and edit pages using the new custom page features:

Creating a custom page
Customising elements on a custom page

How do I make my new homepage live?
Simply click the Publish button in the top right corner of the page, then move the new homepage to where you would like the page to appear on the navigation bar.

TIP: Remember to remove the ‘-new’ from the homepage page name.

What will happen to my existing custom pages?
Any page on your community created before this update will not be affected. Only new pages you create will use the new Custom Page tools.

To remove the previous homepage from the menu, click on the homepage name in Pages CMSand click remove from navigation at the bottom of the page.

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