We've recently launched a couple of platform enhancements that we think you'd like!

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Subscribe to a theme

Often challenges within Crowdicity present “themes” for users to pin their ideas to.

With the subscribe to a theme enhancement, users and community moderators can now decide which themes they receive email notifications from, allowing them to stay up to date with ideas and topics they’re most interested in.

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Even more to report on

The Idea Export CSV. file has been updated to include the following additional data:

  • Names of co-authors on ideas

  • The name of the last milestone reached (when in a milestone challenge)

  • Answers to refinement milestone questions (when in a milestone challenge)

  • The name of the first and last phase reached (when in a Funnel challenge)

  • Idea status labels

If you'd like to learn how to download this, or any of our other reports, click Learn More: Learn more

Lockable profile fields

Pull existing user information from your Active Directory and lock fields to maximise profile consistency.

Locking fields assists you in building complete profile data on all users who create an account - great for enterprises dealing with high numbers of staff!

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