Supercharged Status Labels and Customisable Voting

On September 18, we're releasing a host of great features and updates for Crowdicity. Check out the details, below!

Do More With Status Labels

Idea status labels are a great way to give feedback to users. We’ve enhanced the feature in the Q3 release to provide a new level of user feedback and challenge organisation. The enhancement includes three key elements

Filter by status label: Users can now filter ideas by selecting status labels of interest.

Multiple labels: Moderators may apply any number of status labels to an idea!

Customisable points for status labels: Decide how much a label is worth to your users.

Status labels can be tailored to fit your needs. To learn more about setting up and using labels in your community, take a look at our guide to managing labels. To learn how to add labels to ideas, check out our guide for moderators.

Moderating multiple ideas

Save time by performing the same action across multiple ideas within a challenge.

You will soon be able to select more than one idea and perform any of the following

  • Adding a status label

  • Changing the moderation status

  • Advancing ideas through funnel phases

Our guide to moderating ideas in bulk runs through the process step by step.

Voting, evaluation and idea selection in milestone challenges

Voting permissions: Looking for precise feedback on an idea? You will soon be able to choose who is able to vote for ideas at each milestone.

Scorecard rating in milestones: Rate ideas on multiple variables by adding scorecard rating to a milestone challenge.

Create customised and sophisticated workflows that you can tailor to any process.

If you want to know more about creating vote targets in milestones, please see our guide to creating milestones.

These new features will be rolled out on Monday 18 September, if you have any questions ahead of their release, or you would like to run through them in more detail please get in touch with your Account Manager.

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