We're giving Crowdicity a fresh new look and feel, and adding a set of new features designed to make managing your community even easier.

Launching 25th May 2020: A Brand New Look

Crowdicity is getting a refreshed interface, and we're really looking forward to getting it into your hands. But don't worry - everything is staying just where you left it. We've gone over every page in Crowdicity and updated spacing, fonts, forms and button styles to improve usability and consistency while keeping everything where it belongs. Here's a sneak peek at the new idea listing page.

The new interface will be rolling out to all communities on 25th May.

Available Now: Great Time-Saving Features

Multiple Badge Awards

We've improved the badge awards screen - it now has a simpler interface and an important new feature. Users can now be awarded multiple copies of the same badge. For all your superstar users who repeatedly receive top votes, get ideas to the final milestone, or reach the top of the leaderboard every month, you can now keep re-awarding them the badges they deserve.

Quick Admin Tools

Taking administration actions on users is now even easier. Instead of having to go to User Management you can now just click on a user’s name and admin tools will be available immediately on their profile. You can change permissions, review scores and award badges without leaving the page.

See Who Voted

Sometimes it's useful to see who is voting on an idea, and how they voted. It's a great way to see which users are engaged, and follow up with them for feedback about why they voted a certain way. This option is now available in challenges, milestones and phases.

Coming Soon: Private Submissions and Comments

Soon you'll be able to configure challenges to only display ideas to moderators. With this option active, users can only see their own ideas, but moderators can see all of them. If you want to run competitions, challenges around difficult topics, or simply give users a space to submit ideas without having to display them to all users, you'll find this a really useful feature.

We're adding private commenting, which will make it easy for moderators to have discussions with each other and with idea authors, allowing you to collaborate with your users quickly and easily.

We’ll let you know as soon as these features are available.

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