The challenge directory page shows you all of the challenges that you can get involved with in your Crowdicity community. You can get to the challenge directory page through the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. In most cases, the name of this page is 'Challenges', but you may find that it's called something different in your community.

For each challenge you will see:

  • The challenge title and description.

  • How many ideas, votes and comments are in that challenge.

  • Whether a challenge has been archived or has ended.

  • If it's a challenge with different phases, you'll see a countdown to the end of the current challenge phase.

On the challenge directory page, you will see the challenges in your community laid out as tiles. If you want, you can switch views between a tile grid and list using the buttons at the top - right of the challenges area:

By default the challenge page will only show active challenges, but you can use the 'Archived' and 'Closed' tick boxes to see past challenges that have been closed.

You can use the sort option to re-order the challenges so that they are listed by the most recent or those with the most ideas.

In addition to including closed challenges and reordering challenges, you can also use the challenge categories to find challenges that interest you. Challenges can be assigned to a category, when you tick one of the category checkboxes, you will only see challenges that have been put into that category. This means that you can get straight to the challenges that interest you the most!

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