When an idea is posted by a user, it is given its own page. The idea page tells you all about the idea including: the title of the idea, who posted it, what it's about, any images added to it and its score/votes.

At the bottom of an idea page you will also find any comments that have been posted in response to the idea, and you may be able to add your own.

The image below shows an example of what an idea page might look like.

In this article:

  • The author toolbar and idea title

  • Idea content

  • Idea comments

  • The idea score panel

  • The idea statistics and funnel advancement

  • Idea subscription and tags

The author toolbar and idea title

The idea title is shown at the top of the idea page in a larger font. Just under the idea title, you'll see the name of the idea author(s), when it was posted and also the challenge in which it was posted.

If you are the author of an idea, you will see a grey bar just above the title of the idea. If you click on the Edit button, you'll be able to make changes to your idea, to learn more about making changes to your idea after it's posted, check out our help guide on editing your idea.

The idea content

Underneath the title you will see the main content of the idea and any attached images or files that the author has added.

If the idea submission form had additional questions, those questions will be shown in bold, with the author's responses beneath.

Images, videos or other files are shown underneath the text of the idea.

If you click on a video it will play directly on the page.

If you click on an image it will open a gallery that allows you to scroll through all of the uploaded images:

If there are other attachments, a pdf or excel file for example, you will see the files underneath content of the idea, and before the images. Click on the name of a file to download it.


At the bottom of the ideas page you will see any comments that have been posted in response to the idea. To learn more about how to post your own comments, please have a look at our guide to Posting and Editing comments.

The drop down box that you can see allows you to change the order in which the comments are displayed. By default you will see the oldest comments at the top of the list, but you can also have the most recent comments at the top of the page, or the comments with the most votes.

You can choose to view all comments on the idea, or just those made by moderators or the idea author/s by clicking on the respective title at the top of the comments list.

The idea score panel

At the top right of an idea page, you will see the score or rating that the idea has (based on user votes) and any voting options that you have.

If you're able to vote for the idea, this is also where you will see the vote button. This panel will look slightly different depending on whether you are able to vote for the idea and the type of voting allowed.

Idea statistics and funnel information

The idea statistics sit just underneath the score panel and tell you how many times an idea has been voted on, viewed, commented on, subscribed to, and how well it's doing in relation to the other ideas in the challenge.

When you are looking at an idea page in a Funnel challenge, you will see a smaller representation of the phases of the challenge under the idea stats. This is the Funnel Advancement bar, and it shows the progression of an idea through the challenge's phases.

Each section of the Advancement bar represents a phase of the challenge, if you hover over a section you’ll see a tool tip with the name of phase it represents. Sections representing phases that haven't started (future phases) are coloured grey. When a phase starts, the corresponding section turns green and remains green when the phase has finished.

The light bulb under the advancement bar shows the progress of an idea. When an idea is first posted, the light bulb will be underneath the phase in which it was posted and as the idea advances through the phases of the challenge, the light bulb will move to reflect this.

If an idea is advanced into the next phase, the dark line under the Advancement bar shows in which challenge the idea was first posted, and the position of the light bulb shows which phase it has progressed to. In the example below, the idea was posted in the first phase and was advanced to the current phase (the second one).

If a moderator chooses to move an idea into the next phase (the one after the current one), the light bulb will move underneath the section of the bar that represents the next phase, to show that the idea will be in the next phase when it begins.

Idea subscription and tags

Underneath the score panel, you can subscribe to the idea, meaning that you will be sent a notification whenever someone comments on the idea.

Underneath the subscription button, you can see any tags that the author added to the idea.

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