The challenge page is where you will find all of the information about a challenge; you can learn how to post your own idea and you can see all of the ideas that other people have posted to that challenge. From this page you can go into ideas to comment and vote on them. Each challenge will have its own page, and they're a great place to start if you want to get involved with your community.

In this article:

  • The challenge title and stats

  • Subscribing to a challenge and it's themes

  • The challenge short brief and full brief

  • The ideas list

  • Searching and filtering ideas

  • Top contributors

The challenge title and stats

The title of the challenge is shown in bold at the top of the page. Often, the title will be a question that your idea should answer.

Underneath the title, you will see some icons and numbers, these are the challenge stats.

  • The light bulb represents the number of ideas in the challenge.

  • The thumb shows the number of votes that have been placed in the challenge.

  • The speech bubble icon shows the number of comments in the challenge.

  • The icon of the people shows you how many people are participating in the challenge.


If you have posted an idea and the number of ideas in the stats hasn't changed, don't worry! The challenge stats do not update immediately, it can take up to 30 minutes for changes to stats to be visible.

Subscribing to a challenge and it's themes

You can stay up to date with the ideas posted in a challenge by subscribing to it. You can either subscribe to the whole challenge, or just the themes you’re interested in. Once subscribed, you’ll receive an email each time a new idea is posted.

To subscribe to a challenge, click on the Subscribe button in the top left corner of the challenge page.

If the challenge your viewing has themes, you’ll see a drop down arrow on the right of the subscribe button. Click this to view your subscription options:

Subscription options

Entire Challenge: Tick this to subscribe to the whole challenge including all of its themes.
Unassigned: Choose this to subscribe to ideas that are not assigned to a challenge theme. This option is only visible if posting an idea to a theme is not mandatory.
Custom themes: All headings below Unassigned are themes set up for the challenge you are viewing. Here you can select the themes you’d like to subscribe to.

To subscribe to a theme, select the ones you’d like to follow, then click Save to confirm your selection. If you'd like to unsubscribe from a theme, you can deselect any of the headings and click save or by managing your subscriptions from your profile.

The short brief and full brief

The short brief is the text underneath the challenge title. It will have an overview of what the challenge is about and how you can get involved. Underneath the short brief, you will see the button that lets you post an idea to the challenge (see our guide on posting an idea for more information adding ideas to a challenge) and you may see a link that says 'More'.

If you click on the more button, you will see any additional information that the community administrator has added for this challenge: some text, images or video added in the full brief of the challenge, any files that have been attached to the challenge and a list of the administrators and moderators in that challenge.

The ideas list

Below the challenge summary you will see any ideas that have already been added to the challenge. By default, they are laid out in a tile format and for each idea 'tile' each idea panel, you will see a short summary of the idea. You can click on the title, image or description of an idea to take you to that idea's page.

You can sort the ideas by how recently they were posted, how many comments they have and the amount of votes that they have. If you click on the drop down box next to SORT BY you will see the options by which you can sort ideas in that challenge.

  • Latest: Shows the ideas in order of the date they were posted, starting with the most recent.

  • Most votes: Shows the ideas that have received the most votes from the community (highest to lowest).

  • Most discussed shows the ideas in order of how many comments they have received.

  • Random shows you a mixed list of ideas within the challenge in no specific order.

  • Picks will show you ideas that have been given a status label by community administrators/moderators.

Searching and filtering ideas

If you are looking for a specific idea, you can use the search bar to the left of the ideas.

As you type the phrase that you are searching, the ideas will begin to filter based on your search. The search box on the challenge page will find key words in the Idea's title and the main body of the idea, it won't search someone's username or an idea tag.

In the panel left of the ideas list, you can also filter the ideas by theme, by tags, or by Status label.

Challenge themes are set by the community administrator and are a way of organising the ideas within a challenge; when you post an idea, you can choose to post it into one of the themes. If a description has been added to the theme, you'll see this by hovering over the theme name.

Underneath the challenge themes you will see any tags that users have added to their ideas. These tags work like hashtags on Twitter, they are a way for users to help each other find ideas on a related topic.

You can filter ideas by themes, tags and labels by selecting the tick box next to it, when one of the boxes is selected you will only see ideas from that theme or with that tag.

Any filters that you apply to the idea list will show in the 'FILTERS' area, if you want to remove any of the filters, click the cross next to the relevant feature.

If you are looking at a milestone challenge, you will also be able to filter by the milestone stage. Click on a milestone to see all the ideas that are at that milestone.

Top Contributors

The final section on the challenge page is the Top Contributors panel, which is to the left of the ideas list, underneath the tags.

This panel shows you the 5 users who have earned the most points from activity in this challenge. If you want to see more of the leaderboard for a challenge, click View Leaderboard and the full leaderboard for the challenge will open in a new page.

The Top Contributors panel by default shows you the top 5 contributors for the challenge that you are viewing as well as any points that they have earned. To see more contributors, clicking on the View Leaderboard link below the list will open a new window and show you other users who appear on the rest of the leaderboard

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